Do You Recognize These 3 Early Warning Signs That You’re Cruising For a Bruising?

When it comes to your behaviour and actions, you don’t always act in alignment with your goals and the life you want to create, do you?
You act the way you do because... well, it’s just what you do, isn’t it? Once you’ve performed a routine enough times, your brain just rolls with it. It happens almost automatically.
Just like your morning shit, shower and shave routine; or your drive to work - your brain can run on autopilot if a thought or action has been repeated enough times.
The trouble starts when you develop sloppy, useless patterns.
Patterns like:
•    Sleeping in rather than going to the gym
•    Eating when you’re bored
•    Scrolling through Facebook instead of working
•    Procrastinating on that project that could improve your life
•    Repeatedly getting walked all over because you don’t assert your boundaries
Recognise any of these patterns? You could be Cruising for a Bruising!
Unless you are consciously choosing your thoughts and deliberately choosing your actions, you will end up getting stuck in a rut. If you’ve ever heard me talk, you’ll know I am very passionate about one point.
If you have asked life to give you more but you are not being who you need to be – you are asking for trouble. If you refuse to put in the upfront energy to shunt your life forward, life will step in and help you out by giving your problems that FORCE you to be who you need to be. Don’t wait for things to go wrong before you get your act together. Stay ahead of the game.

Here’s 3 Early Warning Signs That You’re Cruising For a Bruising

1.    You Constantly Beat Yourself Up Over The Same Thing
Whether it’s your weight, your miserable relationships or your crappy finances – if you find yourself constantly moaning (inwardly or outwardly) about the same thing on a daily or weekly basis – watch out. This means you have a desire to change your circumstances but are not being who you need to be or doing what you need to do to change your situation.
2.    You Get To The End Of The Week Without Achieving Anything
On Sunday night you have grand plans for the week ahead. This week you’ll start eating healthy, you’ll go to the gym at least three times, you’ll organise a social outing, you’ll get started on/finish that project.
Yet Friday rolls around and it was all you could manage to get through the week without having a nervous breakdown or killing somebody.
This means that you are not managing your time, emotional state or resources effectively.
3.    What Day Is It? Groundhog Day.
You hate Monday’s, you refer to Wednesday’s as ‘Hump day’ and you live for the weekend. This means that you are in grave danger. You have fallen in to the trap of living life on autopilot and seriously neglected to spend time on your own well-being, interests or life goals.
If any of these warning signs are firing off in your life - it's time to pay attention. You don't want the warnings to get louder and more destructive. Your brain will run a behaviour regardless of whether it is helpful to you or not. You need to seize control of your thoughts, emotional state and actions and start consciously choosing them. Do something different today! Get in first, and be who you need to be.
If you want to start kicking life’s ass before it kicks yours – head over to and let me give you the kick up the arse you’ve been waiting for.
Much love,
Peter ‘just be who you need to be’ Shaw