How to be a Powerful Presenter

Welcome! Thank you for having me at The Fortune Institute! I've created a page full of resources for you, to help you become a Powerful Presenter. So many lovely people came to say thank you and ask how to get in touch with me for private coaching, or a public speaking training - I didn't have a chance to get everyone's details. So if you'd like to connect, email: peter [at] and I'm happy to chat to you on the phone from 15-60 minutes to help you get whatever you need in presenting, or life!

Watch this video first!

Energy is Engaging.
Energy is Entertaining.
Energy will forgive any mistakes you make!

Emotional states for Powerful Presenters:
Confident, enthusiastic, unstoppable, energetic, happy, calm, powerful, relaxed, joy, excited, generous, caring, connected, loving, loved, radiant, and vibrant.
You can program these states into your body using the anchoring technique described in the video below. This comes from my Neuro Linguistic Programming Training (NLP).
Build that trigger up every single day to make it super strong! And, of course, you can do the Monkey to really add a kick to it!
Now that this anchor is really strong, we can put it into our Powerful Speaker formula
"Stand. Smile. Snap! Speak."
It doesn't matter if you're reading a book to children, or doing a scientific talk, or whipping a crowd into a frenzy.. Your energy will shine from the inside out.
And - what happened to nerves?? They aren't even there anymore! You are BEING powerful, and they don't even come into the picture. (And that's the same trick I use with elite athletes, fighters and presenters)


Now that we've got your ENERGY right, let's focus on your FLOW.
Flow is a thing of beauty on stage. You've seen it before - and it feels so genuine and authentic to the audience.
Pro Tip: It's hard to be in flow when you're focused on your content. It's already all inside you, we just need to let it out.
Here's how we get FLOW:
Practice being in flow
Being present with the audience
Ranting!! Do love rants, do hate rants, rant about your topic!
Drills like the "Instant Expert" exercise we did in class
Once you find your flow, anchor it!!

Bonus Material: How to Remember Names


The 4MAT System:
Why - What - How - What If
The 4MAT System helps you to EASILY remember material, and present it in a way that the entire audience can engage with!

Give reasons and relevance for your audience
This could be a hook
The why has to come first because otherwise the "why people" won't turn their brains on, and you don't want to miss them

The facts, data, definitions, knowledge, information and content

The steps to the process
A demonstration
Having them experience doing it themselves

Question time
Link what they've just learned to all the real life applications
Refining their skills
Often leads directly into the next topic!

The 4MAT System loops for each content chunk - so if you really know your stuff - you only need to know the content heading of each chunk!! This is how I speak for days without any notes!

Advanced Memory Techniques

1. The 4MAT System above combined with a "run sheet" - a written list of topic headings. You simply apply the 4 MAT System to each topic.
2. The Memory Palace / Location Method of Memory. Here are some useful links: and or watch the video below. In each of the three examples - the application of the Memory Palace isn't strong enough.. Your subconscious mind loves to be disgusted, surprised, shocking, grossed out.. so go extreme. Example: in the video it says to remember a glass of milk on top of a television. But it'll work much much better if it's a glass of month old milk THROWN all over the TV!!

Engage with Purpose

Remember, you're having a conversation with the audience. Talk to them like they are one organism, like you do when you're just talking to one person. If you're comfortable within yourself, this will be easier. If you have some self doubts, confident issues, self worth issues etc then this may be a little harder.. but we can sort those issues out with a breakthrough session or at the NLP training.
Every presentation is answering a question. I like to write down the question I'm answering in black and white, so I'm very conscious of it. It means you are always ALIGNED with the audience, and your content is RELEVANT.

If you have any questions, want to talk to me, or join us for one on one coaching, a training or even the Odyssey year long training... send me an email: peter [at] and we will book a time to have a 15-60 minute phone call to help you out.

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