Goal Setting Webinar Replay

Rise Above the Ordinary Level of Life

In this no-nonsense one hour webinar Peter Shaw will take you on a journey through goal setting. Get a cup of tea, buckle your seatbelt, because he is not holding back! (At this point we should advise you of a language warning, and also possibly some terrible dad jokes)

You will learn:

  • The three different types of goal setting, and which one you NEED
  • How to set your goals so you feel compelled to take action towards them
  • A powerful technique to encode your goals in your body
  • How to create an action plan that actually works for YOU
  • We thoroughly hope you enjoy this webinar, please share this page with anyone who is interested or would benefit from setting powerful goals, and a gentle size 12 boot up the backside.

    After Watching, Your Next Steps:

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