with NLP for Personal Excellence
Do You Suffer From…
Limiting beliefs like, “I’m not good enough” (and all of the things you tell yourself you can’t be, do or have)
Societal programming (all of the things you think you SHOULD do or have)
Inner conflict (indecisiveness, confusion and self-sabotage)
Previous negative experiences (past hurts that are effecting your present choices)
Unresolved emotions and issues from the past (trust and intimacy issues, fears and phobias)
If you answered “YES!” to one or more of the above then you are getting in the way of your own success.
But I have some good news… there is a simple solution to all of your problems…
Learn The Secret Weapon That Will Enable You To:
  • Take control of your emotions and focus your mind
  • Change unwanted behaviours and beliefs that hold you back
  • Unleash your true potential
  • Remove fears and phobias
  • Communicate with confidence and charisma
In this one-off event, you will learn the SECRET WEAPON that has helped thousands of people around the world shake off unwanted limitations and step into their greatness. of their dreams. This SECRET WEAPON will enable you to cut through the B.S and maximise your results in life.
Time and time again, people are ASTOUNDED at the effect THE SECRET WEAPON can have within days (sometimes even hours!!) of being applied…
“I never thought I could do anything like this. Never. I don’t think I’m anybody special at all. I think that I’m just a normal guy who set some big goals and is not afraid to go for them. Now that I’ve done this I can see how much I am capable of. I’ve never seen that in the past. But now I see that I can do a whole lot more than I ever thought I could.” ~ Rob Mason
Check Out What Ange Did Within 24 hours of Learning the The Secret Weapon…

Ange used to tip-toe through life, avoiding the spotlight at all costs…
… until she learned The Secret Weapon.
Imagine for a moment…
Having complete controlover how you feel…
No more FEAR or hesitation holding you back from pursuing your dreams…
Clarity of mind and definiteness of purpose…goodbye procrastination!
When you put The System to work for you, you’ll never second guess yourself again…
You’ll not waste weeks, months or hell – YEARS staying in unfulfilling relationships or jobs you hate…
You won’t waste precious time overthinking and worrying…
You’ll realise that you have the knowledge and the power to achieve whatever you put your mind to…
The Secret Weapon strikes again…
… another EXTREMELY happy customer!
… What could The Secret Weapon do for you?
You want more money?
Better health?
More confidence?
Purpose and drive?
To be able to leave your comfort zone behind and go boldly forward in the direction of your dreams?
Factors That Get In The Way Of Your True Potential
  • Limiting beliefs (all of the things you tell yourself you can’t do)
  • Societal programming (all of the things you think you ‘should’ do or be)
  • Inner conflict (indecisiveness, confusion and self sabotage)
  • Previous negative experiences (past hurts that are still effecting your behaviour and choices)
  • Unresolved emotions and issues from the past (trust issues, fears, phobias)
In this powerful four hour presentation, renowned Peak Performance and Behavioural Change specialist, Peter Shaw, will give you an introduction to the secret weapon that has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide.
Peter has helped people from all walks of life overcome the mental blockages, barriers and limitations that were holding them back from living a rich life.
On March 21, Peter will be sharing some of the secret weapons he has used to produce undeniable results with his private clients, with you.
Benefits Of Attending:
  • This four hour interactive presentation will give you your own personal breakthrough session. You’ll identify your current blockages and limitations and will learn tools and techniques you can apply straight away to smash through the mental blocks that have been holding you back
  • Learn how your mind works and three ways you can immediately get better results in your life
  • You will learn where fear comes from and how to eliminate it using a simple one minute process
  • Identify and clarify the subconscious programs and beliefs that have been sabotaging your attempts at success
  • Learn cause of inner conflict and a powerful technique to solve it
  • You’ll get an introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming and find out how it can help you access your true potential and unleash your greatness
This Event Is Ideal For You If You:
  • Have a job or own your own business (NLP can increase your sales, productivity and reduce stress)
  • Are an athlete or play sport (Peak performers use NLP to fast-track their improvement)
  • You are a teacher, trainers or speaker (NLP Skills will enable you to communicate more clearly and effectively with your audience)
  • Have unfulfilled dreams and goals (NLP will help you to identify what has been getting in your way and allow you to remove the blocks between you and your dreams)
  • Want to be the best possible version of yourself (NLP enables you to tap into your true potential without fear or doubt)
  • Want the best for your children (NLP was built on modelling which is exactly what young children do: they pick up on your beliefs and behaviours and replicate them. NLP will give you conscious awareness of any unwanted habits and beliefs so that you can resolve them and not inflict them upon your children!)
What Is NLP?
NLP is the relationship between your thought patterns, which affect your behaviours which effect your results. By changing your thought processes and beliefs, you can change and improve the results you get in life.
NLP began in the early 70’s when mathematician Richard Bandler and Linguist John Grinder asked themselves a simple but fascinating question. “What is it that makes the difference between somebody who is merely competent at any given skill and somebody who excels at the same skill?”
Building on the extraordinary work of Virginia Satir, Milton Erikcson and Fritz Perls and cognitive behavioural psychology, Bandler and Grinder developed forma linguistic and behavioural patterns that went on to become the cornerstone of NLP.
When and Where
PORT MACQUARIE – Sunday 22 March 2015
12pm – 4pm
Investment: $40