All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, We Become. – Buddha

Still making excuses and justifications for the (lack of) results in your life? Should be $5000, just $3990!

7 Day NLP Practitioner Training

Over the past decade, Peter Shaw’s unique brand of NLP and personal transformation has helped thousands of people around the world successfully enrich their lives by eliminating stress, releasing emotional baggage and increasing self-confidence. Peter gives people the tools, mindset and strategy to make more money, enjoy fulfilling relationships and experience more joy from each and every day.
Now for the first time ever, Peter Shaw will be handing you Life’s Missing Instruction Manual in the form of this no holds barred, no nonsense, cut-the-bullshit 7 day NLP Practitioner training.
You will learn how the mind works, how beliefs and behaviours are formed and how to change them for yourself and others!
What Will Be Covered
What That Means To You
Increased confidence and power when communicating with others.
Self programming
You will know exactly what to do to get better results in all areas of life and to feel good in any situation.
Be more effective and charismatic in business and social situations
Goal Setting
Plan and achieve goals with confidence and ease
An understanding of the power of hypnosis and how to utilise it create the life you want
You will have the skills to eliminate behaviours that do not serve you.
The skill to handle objections, setbacks and communicate clearly with others.
You will gain a sound understanding of how the language you use can affect the results of yourself and others.
More confidence, more productivity, better sleep, better sex, better relationships
The ability to tap in to the magic of life to get what you want faster and easier than ever before.
…Plus lots more!
Peter consistently exceeds the expectations of his audiences and clients by proving how simple changes in people’s thinking and behaviour can yield enormous life changing results.
NLP is one of the most powerful vehicles for change in existence. Whether you are interested in learning NLP and peak performance skills or whether you have previously completed an NLP training and want a refresher course – this training will equip you with the tools and strategies that can be applied for real world results.
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