Scary and Exciting is a philosophy, a way of life.

It’s not for the faint of heart!
Too many people live their lives inside their comfort zone. Never touching the edges, never pushing the boundaries. When a challenge comes up, they turn and run the other direction. Never growing, never learning.
The Scary and Exciting lifestyle ensures you are learning, growing, pushing the boundaries and ultimately – living the life of your dreams.
It doesn’t necessarily happen easily.. It can take courage, effort and persistence to get started. But once you’ve started, once you’ve knocked through the first limitations, it gets easier, it gets fun.

10 Core Understandings:
1 You have unlimited potential
2 Life is a journey of growth
3 You shape your life through your beliefs, values, environment and actions
4 All of the above can be changed easily if you know how
5 Most people are unaware of how they create the world around them
6 You create each moment in your life
7 To have more you must first BE more
8 All growth comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone
9 People are inherently good
10 ”If it’s Scary and Exciting… DO IT!”