Too many people live their lives inside their comfort zone. Never touching the edges, never pushing the boundaries. When a challenge comes up, they turn and run the other direction. Never growing, never learning.
The Scary and Exciting lifestyle ensures you are learning, growing, pushing the boundaries and ultimately – living the life of your dreams.
If it’s Scary and Exciting.. Do It are pleased to support Sarah Kings and her amazing Wadeye Project. All ticket sales go towards funding the Wadeye girls race registration, flights and accommodation expenses.
Sarah Kings joined our Scary and Exciting program in late 2014. She fast became one of our favourite clients because of her fierce and fun attitude to life. She never takes a backwards step and as she went through our programs she set some very ambitious goals! One of those goals was the Big Red Run, a 6 day 256km series of marathons and ultramarathons through the Simpson Desert. We think she’s completely nuts, and that’s why we like her!
Sarah’s background as a cop in the Northern Territory led her to superloading this goal with an even bigger, heartfelt goal. She is bringing 3 indigenous girls from the remote Wadeye community in the Northern Territory as her support crew. Sarah will show them that anything is possible when you set your mind to it as she crosses the desert with the girl’s support. The girls will take this experience back with them to share what they’ve learned about themselves to their community. This is just the beginning of Sarah’s Wadeye Project.
At we always support our clients in every way we can, so when we learned that the project needed funds to register the girls for the Big Red Run, and cover their flights, accommodation and expenses, we stepped in to help in the way we know best. We are putting on the most kickass 2 day event in Toowoomba, June 13/14. Peter Shaw is volunteering his time to lead this event, and all the ticket sales go to the Wadeye Project.
Best of all – Peter won’t be holding back. He has promised to be at his very best, ranting and raving like a lunatic, to deliver you the finest peak performance, cutting edge techniques, to use as together we shape an epic future, just like Sarah has done. (No, running ultra-marathons through the desert is not a pre-requisite!) But we will teach you every technique that Sarah used to get there!
“Peter is such a great speaker. He’s hilarious and the humour really made the information stick. He has a way of explaining things that was so easy to understand and he really gets to the core of every person. He had my attention the whole time. I just didn’t want to miss a second of it, cos everything he said was so relevant.”
– Sarah Fowler
Peter Shaw is fast becoming one of the leading names in the field of personal transformation. His unique and entertaining style has helped thousands of people around the world successfully enrich their lives by eliminating stress, breaking through fears, releasing emotional baggage and increasing self confidence.
  • Peter has presented to over 50,000 people on five continents.
  • Peter draws largely from the worlds of Peak Performance, Accelerated Learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis. The tools and techniques Peter teaches are utilised by elite athletes, performers, speakers, creatives and business people to be at the top of their fields.
  • The combination of the most advanced personal transformation tools on the planet are combined with an ‘anything goes’ sense of humour and fun, and a driving focus on real life results. His ‘laugh as you learn’ approach and no BS ‘whatever it takes’ approach to change are winning a legion of fans around the world who have experienced the amazing results his methods produce.
  • In 2014 Peter produced the film ‘Sub 30’, which has won awards at film festivals around the world. The documentary features Ultra-marathon runner, Rob Mason, who attended Peter’s workshops and coaching, and used the tools and techniques to dramatically slash his personal best time in the famed ‘Coast to Kosciuszko’ ultra marathon race.
  • One of Peter’s flagship trainings with his company ‘Scary and Exciting’ is the skydiving workshop, where he ‘helps people overcome an intense fear of heights, and then throws them out of a plane to prove it’. The training includes learning to control your emotional and adrenaline responses in any situation. This is then applied to a sky dive with amazing results, and then can be utilised in any area of life.
Peter Shaw is a remarkable, intelligent and inspiring speaker and business/life coach. I have had the great honour of having him as my coach for the past 11 months and during this time he has doubled my businesses income and helped me to expand my Free Spirit Girl workshops into Sydney and Melbourne.
– Katie Pitsis, Free Spirit Girl
  • 2 Days of non-stop wall to wall action and learning with Sarah King’s Mindset Coach, Peter Shaw
  • Change annoying old habits and unwanted behaviours and beliefs that hold you back
  • Learn how to tap into your subconscious mind and unleash your true potential
  • Obliterate fears and phobias
  • The fail-proof system for achieving every goal you set
What is the cost of attending a life changing two day workshop?
Peter Shaw’s Peak Performance trainings begin from $4,000… but we want to do something special to support Sarah Kings.
Your investment to attend the two day UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS workshop is just $395
When you consider that private coaching with Peter Shaw is more than $500 per hour, I’m sure you’ll see the value when you consider what this weekend can do to transform your life.
All ticket sales go towards sponsoring Sarah King’s and the girls with registration, flights, and accommodation for the Big Red Run Wadeye Project.

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