Help Us Bring A Big Scary And Exciting Goal To Fruition
Sarah Kings is a single mother from Toowoomba. In the year since Sarah joined the Scary and Exciting community she has made some big, scary (and of course exciting!) changes to her life. So far Sarah has changed careers, moved states and is now about to face her biggest Scary and Exciting challenge yet… and she needs our help!
On 27 June, Sarah will embark upon a gruelling 250km Ultra-Marathon across the Simpson Desert. Not content with taking on the mammoth task of training for an Ultra-Marathon, Sarah decided to create the Wadeye Project – to help support people in indigenous communities by tackling some big problems such as domestic violence and Type 1 Diabetes.
Sarah will take three girls from the remote indigenous community of Wadeye in the Northern Territory with her on the Big Red Run. The three indigenous girls will be Sarah’s “crew” for the run – Sarah will mentor them and be teaching them the same tools she has used to transform her life so that the girls can take the knowledge back to their community and mentor other girls.
“I’ll never forget the day I got called to an incident where a young 15 year old indigenous girl had taken her own life after being repeatedly subjected to domestic violence. As a Police Officer on duty I had to stay strong and not let people in the community see that it had affected me. That incident has stayed with me and is one of the reasons why I want to help young girls in Wadeye and many other remote communities. They often have very little and are surrounded by a lot of violence. I want to educate the young girls so that they don’t think suicide is their only option. A lot of the time they don’t have much hope unless we give it to them and that’s what I want to bring to them. I want to give them hope that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up and hope that they can achieve goals they set.” ~ Sarah Kings
In order to pull this off, Sarah needs to raise money to fund the girls flights, food and accommodation for the trip. Sarah has been working tirelessly to make this happen and because she is a valued member of the Scary and Exciting community, we want to help her bring her goal to life.
This weekend (June 13-14) we will be running our Unleash Your Greatness workshop in Toowoomba. If you can make it – we’d love to have you there and all ticket sales are being donated to the Wadeye Project. You can find out more and get your tickets here.
If you are unable to make it to the workshop but still want to contribute, we’ve put together something very special to give you that little bit extra incentive to help Sarah and to also get yourself on the move towards your next Scary and Exciting goal…
Every cent you donate will go towards the Wadeye Project. Along with a nice warm fuzzy feeling, when you donate you get the following…
$20 – Confidence In Front Of The Camera Video and Workbook
Learn how to be confident when presenting in front of the camera (or when speaking in public!)
$50 – Unleash Your Greatness Video Webinar Series (Usually $119)
Peak Performance techniques and tools to help you take your life to the next level.
– Coaching Session With Laura Forbes (Usually $150)
Identify and overcome your limitations and create a strategy to take your life to the next level.
$150 – Custom Made Hypnosis Track by Peter Shaw
Your own tailor made hypnosis track with suggestions especially for you to suit your circumstances and goals.
$200 – Coaching with Peter Shaw (Usually $500)
Breakthrough limitations, overcome fears and phobias, create a strategy for taking your business or life to the next level.
$300 – Coaching with Peter Shaw plus a Custom Made Hypnosis Track
$500 – All Of The Above!!!
Every little helps… your support will mean the world to Sarah and the girls of the Wadeye Community. Sarah epitomises the spirit of the Scary and Exciting community… she is willing to back herself and to push herself outside of her comfort zone time and time again. Let’s help her make this happen!!