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Reviews of Launch 2015 Noosa

We didn’t take feedback at the end of the event when people are generally hyped up and full of hope. These reviews come after more than a month of applying the information in the real world:
“I went into the weekend with some goals in mind but they actually didn’t come in to play. Once I cleared all the crap out of my head I was able to set goals while I was clear. The result was that what I thought were my goals were not my goals at all. The flow on was that I picked up five new clients in a week.
I came away with clarity on exactly who I need to show up as. I’ve had some quite difficult personal circumstances since the training, and I found I wasn’t caught up in the emotional roller coaster of it. I’ve been able to focus on what I’m doing and who I need to be.”
– Sharon Brown
“I gained clarity I’ve never been able to get before. This is different to normal goal setting, they’re the best tools I’ve ever learnt. The Scary and Exciting philosophy has helped to give me the clarity between excitement and fear and has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and break through barriers that I’ve had for a long time. The result is that both I and my students have had the best start to a year in 28 years of teaching.”
– Sharon Finch
“I was looking for techniques to help me focus my mind and overcome feelings of overwhelm in my business. It’s so interesting how the subconscious mind works. With these tools I’m much more calm and things seem so manageable. It’s helped me to keep stepping up to the plate in my business and be who I need to be. I’ve been tested by a personal circumstance, but I now see tests as opportunities.”
– Monica Willumsen (Monni Travels)
“These are the quickest and most efficient tools I’ve ever learnt, that you can then take away and use. I’ve never had such clarity. I had an extremely difficult personal situation and it’s helped me through the whole process and I’ve actually been able to laugh my way through.
Everything’s changed, but two things in particular:
1. Fear turned into the courage I needed to deal with what was a very distressing situation. I was able to de-sensitize my emotions and tune into what I really want;
2. Fear of hurting people turned into being a leader. That might not make any sense to anyone else, but that’s what happened.”
– Sandy Threlfall
“I went into the event looking for clarity, direction and focus. I loved the practical exercises and then the application of them. I loved the personal accountability checklist in particular. It allowed me to figure who I need to be and then hold myself to that.
Pete explains things in such a succinct manner, and then everything’s easy to apply. He’s captivating, approachable and funny – I love his sense of humour. The support after the event, the follow up, was brilliant – second to none.”
– Dane Robertson
“I went into the weekend wanting to get clear on what I wanted, and then wanting to put the legs under it to do it. I’ve recently finished a degree but felt scared and overwhelmed about what was ahead of me, knowing that in the past when things get hard I used to back out.
I’m now thinking about things differently. I feel more capable and when things are out of my comfort zone I’ll have a crack, which is really different for me. I’m now clear on what I want, and have the practical tools and know the steps to take. I found my starting point.
I’ve now done two blogs in two weeks, whereas before I’d had my website live for six months and had nothing up on it.
I’m also dealing with clients differently. I’m making better connections and getting more in depth. I’m more confident in myself and what I’m doing.
Scary and Exciting nails it. Scared, but I’m excited because I can see the potential of where things can go. Watch this space!”
– Amanda Lorch
The weekend was great. I just feel so lucky that I had the opportunity. Going into the event, my problems seemed to mainly revolve around both fear of failure and fear of success. Feeling paralysed and unable to move forward in a positive direction without setting up my own roadblocks, and not feeling fulfilled in life in the way I always dreamed I would.
I finished Uni 6 months ago, but I just didn’t even know how or where to start. I didn’t know if I COULD advertise myself. I’d lost confidence and felt like I didn’t have any worth in the industry. I was afraid to move forward. I was lost and needing direction, but at the same time busting from the seams to start somewhere.
Really, all of that comes from inside and the beliefs I had about myself. So I had to turn that around and figure out who I am, where I’m going and what are the steps to get there. That’s what I wanted out of the weekend and it’s exactly what I got out of the weekend.
Launch 2015 gives you that first step to take forward. So it gives you that direction, because you’ve taken stock of everything in your life and what you need to work on; where you’re at now and where you wanna be. It makes things really clear. – “ok this is what I need to do now”.
I’ve had so much more forward movement since the weekend in Noosa:
– I’m taking steps forward in my business as far as marketing goes. I’m putting myself out there instead of sitting in my clinic and saying “When are the patients gonna start coming?”
– Health and Fitness Goals – I’ve joined a ‘Fitter Faster Stronger’ challenge which I’m doing really well at. I’m feeling good, feeling more energy.
– I’m open with what I need in my own relationship and how I’m communicating.
– I’ve always talked about doing the Kokoda Trail with my Dad, and we’ve now booked that for the end of the year. It’s given me focus on the things which are important instead of the things which aren’t, so I’m not getting distracted.
– Sarah Fowler