MAY 2019, Sydney

Speak with Confidence, Any Time, Any Place, With Any Amount of Notice!

  • Have you ever broken into a cold sweat when asked to give a short presentation or speech?
  • Do you avoid having uncomfortable conversations such as asking for a pay rise, or letting somebody know that they are overstepping your boundaries?
  • Have you ever walked into a party feeling painfully shy and uninteresting, thinking that no one will want to talk to you?
Well, you are not alone - did you know that most people's number one fear is speaking in public? It ranks higher than death!!!
Humans are only born with two innate fears and speaking in public isn’t one of them.
What does that mean to you?
It means that your fear of speaking up is a learned behaviour and can help you unlearn it.


Whether you want to feel confident and at ease working a room at a party, or have more power and influence when delivering presentations, this workshop is perfect for you!
ScaryandExciting’s front man, Peter Shaw, says “If something is inevitable then the sooner you embrace it, prepare for it and get good at it, the easier your life is going to be.” There is nothing more inevitable in life than speaking to people… whether in business, relationships or social situations, having the confidence and charisma to communicate effectively with people is going to be a very valuable asset to you.
The program at a glance 
  • Ooze confidence and charisma – we’ll show you how to remove performance inhibiting thought patterns and beliefs and tap in to your natural charisma and confidence.
  • Get more of what you want – with confidence and charisma comes power and influence. Whether you want to close more sales, win more deals, inspire or persuade – you’ll have the ability to get what you want.
  • Simple formula – we’ll guide you through our simple formula that will enable you to speak confidently to any audience, any place, with any amount of notice.
  • Increase your value – whether you’re employed or own your own business, the ability to give dynamic and influential presentations is priceless.

I loved the workshop. I wish I'd learned these skills years ago! ~ Debra Drummond

Stop Letting Your Fear of Public Speaking Hold You Back! Join us and get the confidence and charisma you've always wanted! If not now... when?

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