Skydiving & Life Planning Workshop

Rise Above the Ordinary Level of Life

In this no nonsense, innovative three day event, Peter Shaw will show you how you can eliminate fears that hold you back, take control of your emotional state and create the life of your dreams.
In 48 hoursyou will:
  • Identify and overcome thefears that are holding you back from fulfilling your potential
  • Learn how to take control of your emotional state, releasing any emotional baggage from the past
  • Remove fear and adrenaline from Skydiving
  • Learn and apply cutting edge peak performance techniques that enable you to program your mind for the exact experience you want
  • Sky Dive at 14,000 ft(and capture your blissful experience on DVD)
After you have put your new skills to the test and claimed your freedom with the Skydive workshop, you will re-evaluate your goals with the Life Planning Workshop. Now that you are free of whatever was holding you back, you get to design your life without limits and rewrite your future.

A week after doing this workshop, I continue to get more clarity And focus daily on the goals I’m working on. It’s awesome. Cool Things are already happening for me as a result of the actions I’m now taking. Thanks for putting on such a great workshop with quality info and no B.S. It was perfect timing for me and I’d do it again. Can’t wait to hear of the successes of my group and the lucky people that step up and do the next one!! ~ Denise McGuane

I’d just like to take this opportunity to recommend this to EVERYONE. You WILL be amazed at how completely calm you are during the whole process ~ James Blick

Face your fears and doubts and new worlds will open to you ~ Robert Kiyosaki



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