Learn The Secret Weapon & Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To


In a moment I’m going to let you in on the Secret Weapon that will FINALLY unlock and unleash your untapped inner potential. I know you know it’s there… it may be hidden under a blanket of excuses or neglected due to years of cumbersome responsibilities but deep down you’ve always known great potential was stored inside of you, waiting patiently for you to get around to opening it up…
Now the time has come for you to shake off the dust and begin turning some of those forgotten dreams in to realities… But first, I want you to come on a quick journey with me…
I want you to imagine the biggest, scariest, goal you can think of… That one thing that you’d secretly LOVE to be able to do, have or be but even the very thought of it scares the living crap out of you.
I don’t know what that big Scary and Exciting goal is for you, but you know…. It could be getting in the best shape of your life, handing in your resignation and setting up your own business… travelling the world or having the courage to tell somebody how you truly feel. What have you always wanted to do that you have never given yourself permission to try? Getting over your fear of being seen and signing yourself up for singing lessons? Ditching your excuses and learning a new language or skill? Or perhaps the most Scary and Exciting thing you could do is to put yourself first and give yourself permission to finally do that thing you’ve been meaning to all these years?
Ok… Have you identified your ‘thing’?
Good. Now I want you to imagine your Scary and Exciting goal is no longer a dream or an idea… it is a reality. See yourself having achieved, attained or accomplished whatever it is that was previously out of reach. It is yours. You did it!!! See how the world has opened up for you… hear the doors opening where previously there were only stonewalls. Feel the pride and joy of become the person you most wanted to be.
Feels good doesn’t it?
Ok, put down the celebratory champagne for just a second… (don’t worry there’ll be plenty of time for celebrating later!)
There’s an old quote that says, “you can’t plough a field by turning it over in your mind.”
The Secret Weapon I’m going to share with you does require a little action on your part, but a little action is small price to pay for living the life of your dreams, don’t you agree?
Before we go any further, I want to introduce you to someone who has been applying the Secret Weapon with great flare and success…

Sarah Kings training for the Big Red Run

Meet Sarah Kings. Sarah joined our Scary and Exciting program in late 2014 and fast became one of our favourite clients because of her fierce and fun attitude to life. When Sarah joined us she was a cop in the Northern Territory with twelve years of service under her belt. During her time in the NT police force, Sarah got to experience and see first-hand what real life remote indigenous communities are like and all of the eye-opening issues they face on a daily basis. Despite working with eight different remote indigenous communities, Sarah felt a calling to one in particular. The community of Wadeye.
In 2014 Sarah came to the uncomfortable realisation that her vision in life had grown bigger than what the Northern Territory Police Force could offer her so she did what was most Scary and Exciting for her…. she resigned from her job. Sarah knew she wanted to take her life to the next level and she revelled in taking action to make it happen.
After closing a twelve year chapter, Sarah wasted no time in attacking her next Scary and Exciting goal…
“As my mindset coach, Peter Shaw talked about the importance of setting goals that force you in to becoming the person you want to be. It was then that I decided to do the Big Red Run (a 6 day 256km series of marathons and ultramarathons through the Simpson Desert.) For me, the Big Red Run is a personal challenge to push myself far outside my comfort zone in order to really step it up and to be able to tell myself “you ran for 6 days across a desert in the middle of nowhere so there is nothing in this world that I cannot achieve.”
Not long after committing to the Big Red Run, Sarah decided that she wanted to help build better futures for women and children in remote indigenous communities and raise awareness of the extreme levels of abuse and violence that abounds in Australia’s own back yard.
“I created the Wadeye Girls Project and invited four indigenous girls from Wadeye Community to come along on the run with me and to film a documentary of myself on my own personal journey along with the girls from the toughest and largest indigenous community in Australia who had never travelled interstate and never been given an opportunity that will change their lives forever. Like Peter Shaw has shown me, I want to show these four girls that anything is possible when you set your mind to it. The girls will take this experience back with them to share what they’ve learned about themselves to their community.”
At ScaryandExciting.com we always support our clients in every way we can, so when we learned that the project needed funds to register the girls for the Big Red Run, and cover their flights, accommodation and expenses, we stepped in to help in the way we know best. We are putting on the most kickass 2 day event in Toowoomba, June 13/14 At this action packed two day event, Peter Shaw is going to reveal the Secret Weapon Sarah Kings has used to take her life to the next level and will be give you the simple formula for applying it to your own life so that you too can unleash your greatness.
Best of all – Peter won’t be holding back. He has promised to be at his very best, ranting and raving like a lunatic, to deliver you the finest peak performance, cutting edge techniques, to use as together we shape an epic future, just like Sarah has done. (No, running ultra-marathons through the desert is not a pre-requisite!) But we will teach you every technique that Sarah used to get there!
“Peter is such a great speaker. He’s hilarious and the humour really made the information stick. He has a way of explaining things that was so easy to understand and he really gets to the core of every person. He had my attention the whole time. I just didn’t want to miss a second of it, cos everything he said was so relevant.”- Sarah Fowler
Peter Shaw is fast becoming one of the leading names in the field of personal transformation. His unique and entertaining style has helped thousands of people around the world successfully enrich their lives by eliminating stress, breaking through fears, releasing emotional baggage and increasing self confidence.
  • Peter has presented to over 50,000 people on five continents.
  • Peter draws largely from the worlds of Peak Performance, Accelerated Learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis. The tools and techniques Peter teaches are utilised by elite athletes, performers, speakers, creatives and business people to be at the top of their fields.
  • The combination of the most advanced personal transformation tools on the planet are combined with an ‘anything goes’ sense of humour and fun, and a driving focus on real life results. His ‘laugh as you learn’ approach and no BS ‘whatever it takes’ approach to change are winning a legion of fans around the world who have experienced the amazing results his methods produce.
  • In 2014 Peter produced the film ‘Sub 30’, which has won awards at film festivals around the world. The documentary features Ultra-marathon runner, Rob Mason, who attended Peter’s workshops and coaching, and used the tools and techniques to dramatically slash his personal best time in the famed ‘Coast to Kosciuszko’ Ultra marathon race (not all of Peter’s clients are Ultra-Marathon running freaks of nature, I promise!)
Peter Shaw is a remarkable, intelligent and inspiring speaker and business/life coach. I have had the great honour of having him as my coach for the past 11 months and during this time he has doubled my businesses income and helped me to expand my Free Spirit Girl workshops into Sydney and Melbourne. – Katie Pitsis, Free Spirit Girl
  • The Secret Weapon to achieving any goal you set your mind to
  • How to change annoying old habits and unwanted behaviours and beliefs that hold you back
  • The simple technique to tap into your subconscious mind and unleash your true potential
  • Where your fears come from and how to get rid of them
  • The fail-proof system for achieving every goal you set
What is the cost of attending a life changing two day workshop?
Peter Shaw’s Peak Performance trainings begin from $4,000… but we want to do something special to support Sarah Kings.
Your investment to attend the two day UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS workshop is just $395
When you consider that private coaching with Peter Shaw is more than $500 per hour, I’m sure you’ll see the value when you consider what this weekend can do to transform your life.
All ticket sales go towards sponsoring Sarah King’s and the girls with registration, flights, and accommodation for the Big Red Run Wadeye Project.
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